Today's urbanites have evolved into always-on-the-move life adventurers who are ready for anything. They're thirsty for life, and we're here to keep them hydrated with the ultimate, on-the-go, down-for-anything, anti-plastic bottle. 

SQUIREME is designed to be at your side all the time. It's the It bottle for your It bag and your It lifestyle, and it's just as happy backpacking through a majestic forest as it is rocking and rolling through grungy subway tunnels.

Today you can find SQUIREME at the side of adventurers all over the planet. But this is no one-hit-wonder – we're back in the studio, hard at work on SQUIREME two-point-oh. There's plenty more to come – new shapes, new styles, next-gen, no compromises. Designed in Switzerland.

Search for @hydrationcouture and you'll find SQUIREME